The Röhlok modular cable system consists of a range of infinitely reconfigurable electric cables for deep-water subsea applications. Our cables are specifically designed to exceed the requirements of most modern work-class ROVs and ancillary equipment. They have been independently hydrostatically tested and certified to 5000psi (3424MSW).


The Röhlok dual-end oil-filled cable is designed to be a convenient state-of-the-art replacement for traditional moulded rubber cables.

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Developed at customer request, the Röhlok single-end oil-filled cable is designed to adapt traditional moulded rubber tails to the superior oil-filled system.

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The Röhlok multi-end oil-filled cable is elegant & robust replacement for leaky potted joints in Y-spliced moulded rubber cables.

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Seanet specific / Custom Variants

Due to our unique modular design, custom cable requests can easily be accommodated by our workshop, or even created in-field by modifying an existing unit. Multi-way connections are a breeze using our range of precision milled 316 stainless steel splitters and connector adapters, and unlike traditional field splices you know that the result is just as robust and reliable as original.

Additionally, despite our central housing being extremely slimline we are able to accomodate integrated smarts meaning that your cable is not just a simple end to end connection device, it can also perform active signal conversion. An example of this is our camera cable with tri-state to bi-polar module that allows full zoom / focus control without modification of either the camera or ROV

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Why are oil-filled cables superior to other subsea cables?

Oil-filled cables have several advantages over moulded rubber or plastic cables. Some of the advantages are:            
• Oil-filled cables are significantly more reliable than other subsea cable types            
• Oil-filled cables are easily field repairable and modifiable            
• Oil-filled cables are significantly more cost effective than other subsea cable types

How are Röhlok modular cable systems different?

The patented Röhlok modular cable system is an new approach to electrical cabling. The innovative design is both durable and slim-line. This makes handling and routing as easy as a moulded rubber cable while still offering a straightforward and reliable method for in-field repair and reconfiguration.

Are oil-filled cables awkward and messy to make and repair?

Traditionally, yes. However, the Röhlok modular cable system overcomes all of the fiddly and messy parts. Every aspect of the assembly and filling process has been carefully designed to be clean and efficient leading to reduced downtime, less waste, and higher technician satisfaction.

Does the tubing become brittle and crack?

Röhlok uses custom extruded German tubing that, unlike another well-known brand commonly used offshore, does not contain plasticisers. This means our tubing remains flexible even when exposed to UV light and hydrocarbons.

How is the Röhlok modular cable system cost effective?

The Röhlok modular cable system is more cost effective than any other subsea cable system for a few key reasons:

Firstly, because it is more reliable than other cable systems. Independent testing commissioned by a number of ROV companies has confirmed that oil-filled cables have an expected life at least three times that of a moulded rubber unit. There are two main reasons why:            
•    The conductors are free to move within the outer sheath which means less stress and chance of an open circuit.            
•    There is no moulding to delaminate around the cable sheath, removing the potential for water ingress and short circuiting between conductors.

Secondly, the Röhlok modular cable system is unique in that it is truly modular. In the unlikely situation that any part is damaged that part alone can easily be replaced, vastly reducing the stock required and directly reducing your maintenance expenditure.

Finally, because our cables are reconfigurable. If you need a specific cable for an obscure piece of rental equipment that turned up with the incorrect plug for your ROV, you no longer need to pay the high costs associated with having a custom unit moulded at short notice, just reconfigure one - easy!

Do you have a price list?

As all our cables are made to order, please contact us for a customised quote based on your exact requirements.

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As all our cables are made to order, please contact us for a customised quote based on your exact requirements.

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